"Stay funky
stay colourful"

…is the vision and vibe I like to create with my handcrafted crochet designs.

MÆKIKI STUDIO is a small Berlin based slow fashion label of ethically handmade and playful crochet accessories, which are fun to wear and are supposed to create a positive feeling for their owners.  

I personally am a big supporter and fan of funky and colourful clothes which I also love to express and reflect in my crochet designs.

It all started as a little almost meditative sofa hobby during the endless Corona Pandemic and soon turned into a passion of peacefully and sustainably creating something fun but also useful. 

That’s how the idea for MÆKIKI STUDIO was born, that is by the way a mix of my last name and the Hawaiian Beach Waikiki, which I imagine to be as playful and colourful as my crochet designs. 

In todays fast fashion world, it’s important to me that all yarns used for my products are either 100% Organic Cotton and certified or dead stock materials. 

That’s why I think that wearing MÆKIKI STUDIO designs can eventually in a small way contribute to a more sustainable way of making clothes.

Got hooked? Then Welcome to the MÆKIKI tribe and click below to get more info on how to get your hands on something crocheted just for you.

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